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Employer accreditation- any experience of the best for SMEs?

Employer accreditation- any experience of the best for SMEs?

Posted: 28th June 2021

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      I have just joined a SME and they are keen to start some external accreditation hoping to build this into the EVP and attraction/ recruitment activities. They have started to think about IiP which I am worried can feel a little dated (but it’s a while since I have looked at it in any detail). I have previously completed the Top Employer accreditation but for a much larger business. Does anyone have any thoughts about the best accreditation for SMEs?

      Thank you!


        Hi; i was a bit anti IIP as being outdated, but I have to say my recent experiences of them have been much better; the whole process has felt fresher and more agile. I found Best Companies quite expensive if you wanted actionable data; I guess it depends if you are doing it more to inform internal action plans, to provide a useful audit or to promote publicly; depending on the answer might inform your choice. If the former 2, I would go IIP; if the latter, then Best Companies or equivalent. Would be interested in reading other’s views too


          Hi Julia

          Thank you that’s interesting and good to know that IiP are improving.  The response is, unsurprisingly, both.  I am working on the new People Plan so strong data is always helpful for that but the most pressing priority is to improve the employer brand to attract new early career talent which is a whole workstream, this is just one part of it!

          Thanks again and any other thoughts would be interesting


            Hi Teresa,

            I work for an SME who have been on the IIP journey for 6/7 years now.  I joined 3 years ago and we were silver.  I did not have any experience of them prior, but we re-accredited last year (in the middle of lockdown) and maintained our Silver with loads of improvement. Yipee to us 🙂   I think they offer a really robust framework to work to, and I like their emphasis on engagement and how the assessments are focussed around what our people say and do.   We had a really great assessor who led us through the process but also challenged our thinking about how we do things and also how we go into the future as once you have accredited you talk once a year to look at how your people plans are going.  I guess the other thing is that the business really bought the teams into why we were doing it and why it was important so for us it isn’t now just a tick box exercise for external views but actually matters internally as well.

            Hope that helps and happy to talk further if you would like



              Hi Rachel, thank you and it would be really helpful to have a conversation about how you have socialised the assessment in your business.  My email is could you drop me an email and let me know when it would be convenient to talk.  Thanks


                Hi BCorp seems to be the process the lots of people are using or Times top 100 I would say the younger employees might be more aware of and use a similar template.


                  Thanks Melissa, I’ll have a look at both of those suggestions.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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