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Email / MS Teams principles and Etiquette

Email / MS Teams principles and Etiquette

Posted: 18th May 2021

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      Hi all

      We’re looking to develop some principles in an attempt to try to manage the high volume of teams calls and emails. Does anyone have any thoughts on this that they would be willing to share?

      Things to address are things like respecting someones ‘keep free’ time that they have booked in diaries or not calling someone if their MS teams green tick is on at 9pm at night!

      Many thanks


        I don’t know if Teams does this Liz but in the Google Calendars we have there is a setting that automatically makes all meetings 25 minutes  or 55 minutes – lots of us are doing it now to stretch the legs – not read more emails!


          Have you looked at the training Priority Management offer?  I have now used them in two companies and its always rated one of the most useful trainings people do.  They have two sessions which would be relevant – one covers the use of outlook, principles etc and they have a new one on Teams too which we are planning for later in the year so I don’t have direct experience of.  They advise starting with the senior team and as part of the session developing an agreed playbook of ‘how we do things around here’ – covering all the points you mention and more.

          Its not letting me link them, but you will find them on google.




        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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