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Distributed working policy

Distributed working policy

Posted: 2nd December 2020

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      Has anyone redrafted their flexible working policy (approval by exception) to a distributed working policy (flex as default)
      We are starting to try and consider all the implications from tax to allowances; who pays for home office equipment to new H&S assessments etc but also trying to take the common sense approach and not over complicate it. I would value any input from those who have already been there and done it!


        By distributed, do you mean remote?  If so yes we have.  We’ve written guidelines / a policy, but have tried to keep it as simple as we can with headings on each topic and just a couple of sentences on each (making it easy to read understand, but also factoring in that it might all change again).

        Office – we have moved somewhere smaller and have completely redesigned it for social interaction and meetings (the social piece is the key piece that everyone seems to really miss about working remotely).    We even have an outdoor bbq now 🙂

        When gov guidelines allow, we’ve said that employees must be able to come into the office for some face to face meetings (so they need to factor that into wherever they choose to work). Those who want to come in more often can do so. In practice, we have a lot of twenty somethings who flat share and prefer to be in the office to work, so most of our staff actually prefer to spend more time in the office.

        Home office equipment – we will provide the basics as standard (desk, chair, laptop, screen, mouse) – this is purchased by the company and remains company property (and is “uniform” in case we need to bring it all back to the office at some stage, although I don’t expect that to actually happen)

        Homeworking allowances – we pay the HMRC annual homeworking allowance each tax year in one go – this should cover anything not covered above including electricity bills, additional equipment etc.   We have an ‘app’ that we provide staff for making phone calls.

        Employees can work where ever in the country that they get paid in (and the country in which their employing entity is).  Short term trips/remote working periods overseas can be authorised but need approval (for reasons of tax, employment legalities but above all big time zone differences).  I’m sure we will look into more flexible ways of doing this later, but for now it’s one step at a time.

        H&S – we have a virtual provider for this.




          Thanks Kate, that’s really helpful; i guess the distinction i was making between distributed and remote is that the latter implies you are remote from a base, whereas we are trying to underline the fact that there is no ‘one base’ as such any more. It has implications for tax, travel allowance etc, much of which you have covered. You seem to have done really well in keeping it simple. Thanks very much for sharing

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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