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Company behaviours (which sit on top of values)

Company behaviours (which sit on top of values)

Posted: 25th June 2021

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      Hi al

      Doing a fun piece of cultural change work on behaviours to shift the culture.

      At my old company (Swiss Re), we built behaviours on top of our values (be courageous, adapt at speed, create joint movement), which was really helpful to drive our cultural change. This was then embedded into PM etc

      I am looking to do something similar where I am now but wanted to see if people can share some examples?
      As an aside, I challenge some of our values, but would rather build the behaviours on top of our values then redoing the values (there are 7 and I want to drive more focus).

      Appreciate any examples people can share.



        Hi Amy

        I’m about to do a similar thing, eg building behaviours on top of our values so also keen to hear what others are doing/have done.

        We’re going to get a working group together to bring it to life, and this will include someone who manages our ‘brand’ which will definitely help.

        We’ve scrapped our old school PM process (thanks Disruptive HR for helping me to achieve this!) but would like the behaviours to be able to support the conversations manager are having with their team members.



          Really interested to join this discussion and hear from others who have successfully embedded values within their organisations.


            Hi both, I’m happy to set up an offline discussion.

            I’ve been part of this experience at Swiss Re, so happy to share their approach (which I think worked very well)…

            Please email me and I’ll set up a call –


              Here’s ours. Hope it helps. 🙂


                Thanks Adeline – what company are you with? Nice behaviours!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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