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Case Study for HR BP

Case Study for HR BP

Posted: 8th July 2021

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      Hi Everyone,

      W are looking to recruit an HR BP and want to assess their ability to think out of the box and question the normal HR processes in a case study exercise.

      I wondered if anyone had any recent experience of practical assessment that has show great results or had any recommendations of topics?




        Hi Sarah,

        Great question! Here are some scenario exercises that might work?

        1) You are working with a business area where their latest pulse survey has flagged that career development is a problem.  Tell us what you would do?

        (You’re looking for how they would look for deeper insight into what people want, coach leaders to have career conversations, ideas about how they might ditch internal processes to encourage more movement, introduce new light touch products e.g. Talent Discussions (not 9 box grid) informal mentoring (not a policy), job shadowing etc..)

        2) You have been tasked to come up with a fresh approach to traditional annual appraisals in your business area.  Prepare a short presentation for stakeholders on your ideas of what the new approach would be and its benefits

        (You’re looking to see if they are on top of the latest trends in HR/PM i.e. employee owned, team performance, light touch, coaching not assessment and how they would influence the stakeholders).

        3. You need to influence a change in behaviour of leaders to use their own judgement rather than relying on a policy  – how would you tackle this?

        (You’re looking for someone who is comfortable/excited by this idea and how they might tackle e.g. principles not policy, Wider HR involvement, coaching leaders, clinics etc..)

        Hope these help.



          Hi Karen,

          Thanks for these suggestions, really appreciate it. The first is particularly relevant for us, so I will look to incorporate that, as one of the questions.

          I’m also considering a culture / leadership theme, as that is another focus area in the business and I am interested in how someone would address this, particularly considering the new, more flexible ways of working.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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