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Career Progression Frameworks

Career Progression Frameworks

Posted: 14th April 2021

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      Hi all,

      I want to give our people more clarity about the career progression they can experience at our business.

      However, I’m cautious about introducing another process/framework etc and more admin!

      Has anyone got any ideas of how I can provide the clarity of the roles and titles available without adding too much bureaucracy?

      Thanks in advance!


        I’m referring to one of the frameworks like CharlieHR produced here.


          I’m really interested in this too Alex.  We have a fairly detailed framework at the moment that is causing us some challenges and would like to simplify it.  Thanks for sharing the CharlieHR link, really useful


            Hello Vicky! Here’s another great source for frameworks. I’d love to understand the challenges you’re facing Vicky, if you’d be happy to share?


              Thank you for sharing the CharlieHR link, it was a great read. I am  also really interested in learning more about everyone’s experiences as we are starting to develop a pathway concept in our organisation.


                Hi Alex,

                It’s become a bit of a tick box exercise with people expecting a promotion when they can ‘do everything’.

                We are Tech company so there was a big push from the business for more detail to support progression discussions, and that has resulted in a combination of skills, knowledge, competencies & behaviours and a complex scoring and weighting system.  We’ve lost the actual conversation in the process.

                Happy to chat more if you want to contact me directly.



                  Hey Vicky,

                  I’d love to chat further.

                  My email is if you’d like to connect.

                  Amy – feel free to reach out as well!

                  Thanks so much!


                    We’ve got a high technical population that has also been pushing for such frameworks but where they’ve been done historically at my current employer but also frankly at every employer I’ve ever worked at, they really don’t work.

                    Careers are personal things and frameworks frankly limit people’s ownership of the true breadth that a career can encompass.  How many people who are perceived as successful do you know that have followed a linear career?

                    We’ve challenged our technical population to think differently about this now and pulled together a project team of tech representatives from a few different locations and roles to find a solution – I don’t know what it will look like but I’ve refused to let them come out with a career framework – I’m interested to see what their solution is.



                      Hi Vicky, I would love that – thank you

                      Hi Victoria, thank you for your comment and thoughts. I agree; we are working through how to provide some clarity of future roles and skills while ensuring flexibility (to support business and career interests changing) We are also working to ensure that the pathways don’t represent linear paths. I would love to hear what your tech representatives come up with.

                      Have a great day




                        Hi all,

                        This is something I have been also working on for several years at my tech company and like Vicky, been trying to avoid a rigid framework and complicated weighting systems.

                        Rather than showcase a path, I like the approach of letting people ‘see’ all the jobs/roles in a company and build their own path towards that job. They can also tweak their current job to add in additional skills and competencies to support their learning. This is not moving the goalposts but trying to also get them to see the growth that can occur in their current role rather than feeling they need to constantly ‘level up’ or change role to get growth.

                        Would love to chat to any and all about this and share our collective knowledge.







                          Love this idea, Neil! I’d love to chat further if you’d be keen? My email is

                          Thanks for sharing your insight!


                            Hi Neil,

                            Thank you for your insights. This is absolutely the approach we are trying to take, I would love to hear any lessons learnt or key approaches to your design. My email is

                            Thank you


                              Hope you guys don’t mind me jumping on the band wagon! This is also something that I’m looking at so would love to hear more about what you guys are doing. My email is

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