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Career Paths Help

Career Paths Help

Posted: 10th September 2021

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      Hi all

      I’ve just started in a new role (first People role in the company) and the first project they want me to work is developing a career framework (FinTech start up). I’ve done a search on this in the chat room and it seems like the best approach is to not have one at all but to encourage people to own their own careers.

      However, I need to deliver something and I don’t know where to start! Would appreciate any advice you could give me on creating something that shows I’m delivering and that’s going to give them what they want but without creating something that is useless and unnecessary!

      Help and thank you!


        Hi Emily!

        Congratulation’s on your new role! I would be happy to share what I have developed for my team in this area. You can direct message me at and we can set up a time to connect!




          Hi Erinn

          Thanks so much!

          I will send you an email.

          All the best, Emily


            Hi Erinn, would you mind if I reached out to also understand what you have developed in this space? We are struggling to get a lot of our people to take accountability over their career paths too!

            Regards, Ri


              … or Lucy and team can set up a webinar to share ideas on career framework. Would definitely be helpful.



                Hi Emily,

                I also work for a Fintech start up and would be happy to talk you through what we have.  My email is



                  Of course Ricarda! Please reach out and we will find a time to connect on it.




                    Don’t you just hate it when they ask for a nice neat career framework?! I agree it’s never the answer and what adds much more value is for leadership to position the importance of people owning their own unique career path and focus effort on providing lots of support, opportunities for people to learn and grow their skills and careers.  There are some ideas on how to do it in our ‘always learning’ toolkit and Refresh your approach to talent management.

                    Hope it’s useful.


                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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