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Buying holiday leave

Buying holiday leave

Posted: 8th February 2022


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      Hello! Does anyone has a buying extra holiday days and if so how do you deduct payment from the employees? For example deduct over 12 months, deduct in real time? Thanks!


        Hi Kate, our employees can buy up to a week’s additional leave. They can purchase at any time in the year, but majority buy at the beginning of the holiday year and we then deduct across 12 mths salary. Happy to share anything else you may need, just let me know.



          Hi, yes we do and we deduct over a 12 month period the value of it.  I would suggest that you have a policy, especially if they leave mid year or join mid leave as to how you accrue – we don’t and we have to do some decent calcs when it happens…:(


            Good afternoon. We allow employees to make a selection in our benefit window of December each year. Employees can buy or sell up to 5 days (pro rata for part-timers) holiday linked to the next year’s holiday entitlement. This must be approved by their line manager (particularly in relation to buying additional holiday). In December we apply changes to holiday entitlement on our HR system if requests have been approved. If holiday is sold,  the employee is awarded the equivalent monetary value in January pay. If holiday is bought this is deducted out of salary over the next 12 months (no. of days x day rate / divided by 12).

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              Great, thanks everyone!


                We allow people to buy leave at any time during the year, and agree with them how they want to repay as long as it is done before the end of the holiday year.  So someone could buy 5 extra days in December, but it would all be taken from their December pay; but if leave is bought in January, it could be spread out up to a maximum of 12 months.


                  What happens if people buy holiday and then don’t use it? Do you still have a cap on how much people carry over into the next holiday year?


                    In our company staff are encouraged to use their annual leave, but permitted to carry over up to 5 days if their manager approves (if a good business reason). However we would not approve the purchase of 5 additional days if the employee has not demonstrated that they use their annual leave in the previous year. Often staff purchase additional holiday for a particular extended period of leave (for a marriage or long trip overseas).

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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