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Art and Science of Employee XP

Art and Science of Employee XP

Posted: 5th August 2021

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      Hi all, been thinking about this a little bit. When it comes to EX – I think there is an ‘art and science’ to it.. within HR, not the IT side.

      The skills of which are slightly different.

      I’m considering hiring different roles (one focused on art- the other science) but am struggling to articulate the difference.

      Would appreciate any perspectives around this. Thanks in advance.



        What do you mean exactly? Could you elaborate please?

        Of course Employee experience (is it what you mean?) is not just IT. Its the entire experience from recruiting to exiting. if could explain what exactly you are struggling with, I might be able to help.




          Thanks Natasha. 🙂

          So when I think of the ‘art’ – I’m considering the emotional connection that employees have with the organization, perhaps through events, activities, CSR etc..  Some would say this is part where we engage the employee.

          And then the ‘science’ is the User Interface – specifically how the employees engage with the HR processes or function as a whole.  Specifically the flow, and how the info is accessed – as opposed to the technology per se.

          Technology of course is critical, but the type of tech is decided after the ‘science’ part of EX role determines what the and how the interactions should be.

          Not sure if this is even making sense.  (ugh…sorry)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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