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Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeship Scheme

Posted: 25th May 2021

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      Hi all,
      We are starting to look at how we can use apprenticeships within the company, both to make use of the money we pay into the levy and also to either upskill current employees or introduce new ones into the business. It seems like a bit of a minefield so just wondering if anyone has kick started it off in their company already that could help with some tips in getting started.


        Hi Stephanie, I’d be happy to provide some guidance if that helps…

        Thanks, Emma


          I can’t 100% help with this as we are a non-levy paying employer (which also means that our training provider sorts alot of it out for us), however I’ll share what I do know as I have been trying to introduce this over the last year for our staff who the business might not consider “high flying” enough to qualify for our more typical academic paid study support pathways.

          Our biggest obstacle in the business was actually the amount of paid time off work needed (for the apprenticeships that we are running, this is c.1 day a week over 1 year to 18 months).  They still haven’t completely bought in.

          Our first point of call was to look at areas of study that would be useful for us, and find local inside-the-m25 training providers to support it.  You can do that here (although I can’t get the links to work so you may need to copy and paste into google).  We then spoke to the training providers to get more info.

          – Find apprenticeship training for your apprentice (

          To give you an example – these are two providers that we have used, or are investigating using:

          – Cambridge Spark

          – Apprenticeship standards | London South Bank University (

          They may not be relevant to you but just gives you an idea

          The training providers sorted out the funding and paperwork for us, although this may be different for you as a levy paying employer

          Hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please shout.



            Thanks Emma – my email is 🙂


            Thanks Kate – useful points.  I did have a brief look at the Gov website but there were so many providers it was hard to know where to start.  I’ll have another look.  Interesting reading your findings around time, I know one of the barriers people in our company raise regarding development generally is finding the time away from the day job so this would have an impact.  We are only a small company so it’s not as if there are huge teams to pick up any slack.


              Hi we do a lot of work with Apprenticeships.  We are non levy paying.  We work with entry level 3 in Business Admin and then progress to level 4 onwards in a more specialised area.  We are a law firm and employees can qualify to Legal Exec level through our apprenticeship programme and it is working very well.  On the training side, the 20% of the working week does include on the job training, and apprentices log this time on their portal, so we do use this as a selling point to Department Heads, that it provides structure for training and developing the team ready for expansion, we call it our ‘growing our own strategy’ and especially in some areas that are difficult to recruit it does work well.  Hope that is of use, happy to provide more info if you need anything further.


                Joanne that would be great – can you drop me an email or pass me yours and I can pick your brains a little!  Thanks


                  Hi – I’m in the process of implementing this to up skill existing employees; we started paying into the Levy a year ago so have a healthy starting pot.

                  We’re going to start with L3 & L5 Manager training and are in talks with Raise the Bar as our training provider – they were recommended on another thread on here and we’re very impressed with them.


                    Thanks Siobhan, that’s really useful, I’ll take a look at them.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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