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Applications and shortlisting for inclusion

Applications and shortlisting for inclusion

Posted: 24th March 2022


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      Has anyone successfully implemented changes to their applications and shortlisting approaches to improve candidate diversity? I’m working on a programme to completely revamp our recruitment processes and trying to design a new process that meets the demands of the candidate market vs fairness, transparency and designing out bias.

      A big ask, I know but interested in hearing about anything that’s been tried and tested. Thanks!


        We are looking to introduce some nudge theory into the process.  There is a great book called Inclusion Nudges Guidebook by Lisa Kepinski & Tinna C. Nielsen.  This has some really great exercises that you can do with hiring managers about re-framing perception in the recruitment process.


          Hi Laura

          I’ve personally not seen a system but it would be amazing if we could find something that creates “blind dates” to try and ensure we match human to role rather than bias to role.

          One thing I introduced was group think before the final interview.  So I would screen down candidates initially, then introduce one other person for first interviews and then take the top 5 through to final interview and we would then discuss as a group and debate our findings.  We’d also profile individuals using a personality tool.  for low cost solutions you have things like PrinciplesYou as an option.

          It doesn’t really take away bias, but as HR I am continuously trying to remind my colleagues to think of role/human not who the person is etc.

          Hope this helps a little


            Laura’s right – Inclusion Nudges is a great resource – check them out here

            I also really love Epic Games ‘Second Look’ approach – they advise hiring managers that, before they reject a cv that doesn’t look like the usual candidate – to pause, go back and take a second look. Nice and simple – but effective apprently!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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