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Actioning employee engagement survey results

Actioning employee engagement survey results

Posted: 20th January 2022

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      Hi all!

      I’M working as a Talent Development specialist in an organization of around 2000 people. We are renewing our employee engagement survey process, and starting this year engagement surveys will be performed quarterly.
      We are still thinking of ways how to encourage and inspire teams and managers to act on the feedback without giving the feeling that that’s one more responsibility nobody has time for. I know that in order to move to the right direction, a whole culture change is needed, but do you have some innovative approaches you can share in how your organizations tackle this matter?


        What about changing the idea that an engagement survey demands action.  If it is seen as data points and evidence/voice of employee to help make sure the work you are doing is going in the right direction then you don’t need to tie actions specifically to the survey result; you simply need to point to how the survey is influencing your overall direction and actions – which should in any case be in the businesses best interest.

        If they do think change is needed and this is backed up by the engagement survey results, then frankly they should be taking it on as a responsibility – extra or not.

        If managers (particularly senior managers) don’t think change is needed then engagement survey results aren’t going to persuade them any differently and you probably need to focus your attention on helping them see the issue more strongly.

        But then I’m an engagement survey sceptic so perhaps best to talk to someone who has found them hugely valuable 🙂


          Hi Ita, we are trialing officevibe at the moment and I really like it because it’s “in the flow of work” ie the survey is always on in the background and line managers with more than 3 employees get sent their feedback directly, which empowers them to respond and act where needs be.

          I really wanted to move away from annual or quarterly surveys, where there would be focus groups and an expectation of projects, to getting continuous data that empowers the manager to really keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the team.

          It’s not perfect, I don’t think reporting is great and it takes a while for data to build up but overall I much prefer it to traditional surveys

          Happy to share more (


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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