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360 and continuous performance management

360 and continuous performance management

Posted: 10th September 2021

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      Hi All
      We have scrapped appraisals and now have a system of regular conversations and continuous performance management.
      We would like to introduce a mechanism for people to give each other feedback, ideally without ‘buying a system’. We’ve looked at clear review which is good, but can’t help thinking there must be a way, without needing a system. Has anyone achieved that? Also, we recognise that whilst unstructured feedback is good, there is also a place for more rounded 360 measured against a standard set of behaviours. BUT, i can’t think of the ‘disruptive’ way of doing that. How do you stop it being a big administrative once per year beast? Would welcome any ideas. Thank you


        I would welcome anyone’s thought on how they have moved from a yearly appraisal system to regular performance conversations, especially in a large organisation.

        I am desperate to make this change to create more engagement and benefit from managing performance.  A move into adult to adult parameters than parent and child and a progression into a performance led culture.



          Also interested in the 36o question, so ‘following’


            Hi all,

            I helped to implement Career Conversations, goal setting and continuous feedback in our firm, initially in North America 3 years ago.  We started with not using a system which I think was wise to really encourage the change in reliance on structure.

            It does require an abundance of nudges and guidance, so I would say engage your L&D/ comms teams to ensure there is encouragement and guidance.

            Now this is rolled out across the global firm (I work for a large law firm) we are about to move to a system.  We looked at Clear Review but are going with Objective Manager as its tailored to Law firms.  This WILL not mark a move back to annual or policing/ process – but just allows an easier way to share, track goals against strategy, give and receive feedback etc.

            However you go about it, its a journey.  Support and nudges would be my tip and not to rush to a system initially.




              Hi Julia

              I work in a project based company so we have put feedback in to our retrospectives.  After each project there is a wash up which includes 360 feedback.

              We also do weekly team meetings where feedback is shared and given.  It was hard to get it going at first as people generally saw feedback as potentially negative, I’m pleased to say we now have a more positive view of feedback and it is equated more with growth and learning.

              I know this is around a project based format but it may help in some way.



                Hi Julia,

                Great job on scrapping appraisals btw!

                Have you thought about encouraging (or nudging as Emma in this chat thread did) your people to invite their own feedback during their regular conversations?  We know it’s much less threatening on the brain if we ask for it and we’re much more likely to do something with the feedback we get.  There’s a great case study here from Microsoft on how they did it.  With Leaders, we suggest they re-frame feedback in check-ins so rather than ‘let me give you some feedback’ they ask “Is there any particular feedback you want from me?”

                As you’d expect, we’re not big fans of 360.  We only need to look at social media to see how words can get out of hand without a richer more rounded conversation (love this article that puts it so well).

                I love what Victoria mentioned in this thread about having weekly team feedback sessions as that’s much more human.

                On the measurement front, we know it’s tempting to have evidence, but what would that exercise really tell you? Lucy’s blog on the topic of values and behaviours is a good reminder! I would instead use pulse surveys so you can see if your leaders are creating the right environment/experiences for your people that match the behaviours that are important to your culture.

                Robert – here are some case studies on some orgs that have scrapped appraisals .  Also if you haven’t already, watch our latest webinar on how to do it!

                Hope that’s helpful.



                  Wow, loads of great advice here; thanks everyone. Robert, really happy to have a chat about the approach we took to scrapping appraisals and PRP and introducing our career conversations (Know Me, Focus Me, Grow Me), also with no system in place. Drop me an email at if you want to follow up? Thanks again to all


                    Hi everyone!

                    I’m looking at doing a competitive analysis of how other organisations do performance management (moving away from performance reviews) – I’ve noted the links to Microsoft above (thanks!) but does anyone know of any other resource I could use to get this insight?

                    Many thanks,


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